ThunderClap: Spreading A Sermon Through Social Media: We need 250 people to at least be a part...

Ten Shekels And a Shirt
Dear brethren,

This sermon message is one of the most influential on SermonIndex. Since our inception in 2002 this message has been downloaded over 180,000 times. We are also well aware of many other websites that have copied the message and send multiplied thousands of downloads. The reason we believe for its spread has been the great importance of the message content. We believe especially in America that his words are prophetic and accurate biblically. Humanism has invaded the church and the man-centered message has prevailed in media, books and other forms of preaching.

On this message has many people who have commented and shared how it has impacted them. You can hear the message and read the comments here: Ten Shekels And A Shirt -

Our Goal with ThunderClap is to see over 250 people at least support this message on your social media accounts whether its google+, facebook, twitter or all of them. How it work is you signup here and click to support this message and then on April 13, 2015, thunderClap will send out the sermon via the message on your social media.

The powerful thing behind this is the same message will be send out to potentially millions ALL at once. This is a great way to see pastors, and lay people impacted by this life-changing message.