Register For Revival Conference, Dallas, Texas

Conference Vision: Will God send another great awakening? There are over 10,000 conferences that happen every year. The 'Revival Conference' is not to be just another conference but a honest, sincere, earnest plea for the desperate need of revival. There is no cost to attend the event. No materials will be sold. There will be no big bands. The conference will have the chief object to be God-glorifying. The speakers will come on their own accord trusting God for provision. There will be no emphasis on money during the event. The event will be a simple, apostolic, yearning for a genuine biblical revival in our day.

Venue: 1800 Golden Trail Court (Gospel For Asia HQ), Carrollton, TX Speakers: Derek Melton, Randy Jones, Brian Long, Kevin Turner, Jose Muniz, Al Whittinghill, Alan Martin, Mark Greening, GFA Speaker, Don Courville (moderator), Edgar Reich (moderator). Register here freely: Revival Conference, Dallas, Texas