Free eBook - Principles For The Gathering Of Believers


I am excited to announce we are getting much closer to releasing the free eBook resource: "Principles For The Gathering of Believers Under the headship of Jesus Christ". This book I am compiling has come from a deep burden to see believers gathering together to edify and encourage each other. Many elder brothers have been giving wonderful feedback, input and contributions. I believe in many ways this book is an effort from the body of Christ and not just one person.

Please as the Lord leads you do be in prayer for myself and others as we edit and work on the final stages of the book.

THIS VOLUME HAS BEEN developed out of a burden to see vital gatherings of God's people (the body of Christ) established in these end times. The time of pressure and persecution that is coming world-wide (Matthew 24:9) will be such that it will demand the unity of the true body of Christ. 

Some specific goals for this book being written are:
1.) To assist true Bible believing churches to develop House Bible studies for personal growth and for inviting neighbors, to make disciples;
2.) To encourage true believers to leave churches that no longer teach the whole Word of God, to then join a true Bible believing church or to establish a House church to make disciples.

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