Opportunity for SI Users to reach Unreached people groups in China


Asia Harvest is a ministry helping support indigenous workers in many countries where the name of Jesus Christ has not been named and in people groups that are totally unreached for the gospel.

I recently wrote to brother Paul H. who is the founder of Asia Harvest and he stated this opportunity. I wanted to share this with SermonIndex. Could we not from this site help support 1-3 missionaries to each of these unreached people groups in China?

You can signup to subscribe to donate $30 a month to help support a worker: http://asiaharvest.org/asian-workers-fund/ or mail in to one of the addreses here: http://asiaharvest.org/contact-us/ (DO MAKE A NOTE that you are helping the unreached people groups listed on SermonIndex.net and even write the specific name of the group as God leads you).

"Below is a short list of the unreached people groups just in China WHERE WE HAVE WORKERS AVAILABLE NOW WHO NEED SUPPORT. These workers are solid, evangelical/Biblical believers. The past few years we have gone back and carefully re-evaluated each worker we support. If anyone wants to support workers among these groups we provide prayer cards and updates twice a year, but the house church leaders don't want outside people visiting them or wanting to train them etc. This has always led to persecution and all kinds of persecution in the past. There are numerous (hundreds) of other godly Asian missionaries we help, but in many cases (eg. Muslim countries, India, Laos) we are unable to provide cards because of their security issues. "

Kirgiz of China
240,000 people
97% Muslim

Deqen Tibetans of China
130,000 people
95% Buddhist

Uygur of China
12 million people
99% Muslim

Southern Zhuang of China
6 million people
just 1% Christian

Hui of China
15 million people
99% Muslim

Hani of China
800,000 people
just 1% Christian