Important Book Free eBook - Touching Godliness Through Submission


This book changed my life while reading it in Nepal after visiting India. There were areas of my life where I was submitting to no elder brother and I was beginning to think I was more wise and better then all the leaders I was meeting with. This was a deception growing in my walk with the Lord. Thankfully through this book God brought me to a place of brokenness with Him where I was able to submit to leadership in the body of Christ again and receive the great benefits from this submission.

I believe this is one of the great problems in the West right now is everyone is individualistic and we end up thinking we are always right and no one can stop us. This blind independence shows immaturity in the Lord and a lack of understanding the ways of God. We have been recommending this free ebook in the SermonIndex community guidelines section for almost 2 years. We encourage saints to read this volume:


Touching Godliness Through Submission by K.P. Yohannan



"In his typically penetrating and sometimes controversial fashion, K.P. Yohannan touches a live nerve when he insists that the bedrock of Christian living is full obedience to the Lordship of Christ, extending to humble submission to the structures of life God has set in place. Here is liberty not bondage for here is the walk of humility."
PASTOR CHARLES PRICE, Senior Pastor, The Peoples Church, Toronto

Touching Godliness is on my top-10 Christian books recommendation to saints.
--Greg Gordon, Founder of