FREE Secret Underground Church Conference Call - Good Friday April 18th

Dear Saints,

Brothers and sisters around the world pay a heavy price to fellowship with one another.  Yet, to the persecuted brethren, fellowship is so precious they will go to great lengths to be with with and encourage one another.  Often their meetings will last for several hours into the night and the wee hours of the morning.

This coming Friday  04.18.14 Sermon Index and Persecution Watch will host a Free Secret Underground Church Conference Call.  There is no cost other than your long distance. The call will be 6 hours long.  For the first 3 hours there will be brothers who will exhort from the word followed by the second 3 hours of responding to the given word  by prayer,  praise, testimony, worship, etc.  As the Spirit leads.  Lord willing we will even keep the line open to pray for the global harvest and the persecuted church in the early hours of Sat. morning.

Time of call.......

7 p.m. To 1 a.m. Eastern

6 p.m. To 12 a.m. Central
5 p.m. To 11 p.m. Mountain

4 p.m. To 10 p.m. Pacific

Call number and pass code are:   
218-548-8367       passcode: 261475#

If you can stay the entire 6 hours that would be a blessing.  You will probably not notice the time flying by. But you may come and go on the call as the Spirit leads (or as long your cell battery holds out :-)

This call is open to all. Please promote thru your social networks. Lord willing, look forward to praying with you all this coming week.

In His Bonds,

Blaine Scogin
Persecution Watch

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