Behold the Lamb by Alan Martin

Behold the Lamb’s humility with mockers at His feet
With bruise and spittle on His face His suffering near complete
Behold His quiet dignity as men did laugh and scorn
As blood filled eyes the shame despised beneath the crown of thorn

Behold the Lamb’s meekness displayed in silence at the rod
As blow by blow each stroke did know was all the will of God
Behold what majesty withstood such cruelty from men
The silent intercessor groaned to pardon them from sin

Behold the Lamb silent and still while men His skin did flay
Laid down His life through yielded-ness God’s glory to display
Behold Him stand before the crowd rejected by His own
Once hailed as King by multitudes now loved by God alone

Behold the Lamb – No more than see - this nature I must know
To see alone a curse would be if only for a show
With tear filled eyes myself despise and all for Thee would give
To share Your nature, taste Your power and in Your grace to live