Featured Audio: A Call For Prophetic Evangelistic Preaching by Alan Redpath


Alan Redpath the late pastor of moody church gave a powerful heart rending message on repentance to his local church that had a great reputation and also to the larger body of Christ in his day. This message is needed to be heard by many in this day also. This is a must-hear message you can download and listen to it here:

A Call For Prophetic Evangelistic Preaching by Alan Redpath

here are some comments from this sermon and how it has impacted people:

Prophetic (March 11/2012) comment id: 5408
Reviewed by: JohntheBap
I did not go to Church today, instead i heard this sermon A Call For Prophetic Evangelistic Preaching. where i have fellowship needs this type of Preching, short and to the point.A Pastor should Preach the Word 0f God to change peoples lives.

Prophetic word (March 08/2012) comment id: 5403
Reviewed by: wongie
wow powerfull sermon what an amazing God we have his word is so true, we need more massages like this because where the Spirit is then there is true repentance it's just what I had been praying this morning thankyou Lord.

God confirms His word (March 07/2012) comment id: 5400
Reviewed by: scruffy
I've just listened to the most powerful message I've ever heard. Been a born-again believer since feb1979, and am excited about what God wants today. This sermon has stirred my heart to repentance. For to long now,I've been slack concerning my relationship with my heavenly Father. What has been more sad is that I am the Pastor of a little known group called " Grass Roots Gospel Ministry",and the Lord has been speaking to me in that he wants REVIVAL in His church and it's time now, more than ever before, to preach the truth with authority in the mighty name of Jesus!!!!!! When the Truth is preached there is an annointing of God's Spirit that breaks the yoke of bondage and the truth sets men free.Amen

Prophetic Challenge and Call! (March 01/2012) comment id: 5395
Reviewed by: sermonindex
This message comes as a clarion cry to America in our day also, a cry for prophetic preaching. Oh that God would raise up such prophets in our midst to be able to proclaim THUS saith the Lord. May they also be baptized in the Love of God so they can have the true authority to preach such a message out of intimacy with the kindess of our Saviour.

Jeremiah pleading with tears to prepare and repent; Sorrows are upon us! (March 01/2012) comment id: 5394
Reviewed by: Brothertom
Wilkerson preached this after the housing collapse...maybe not long before his death in an auto crash recently...and the message is derived from Isaiah 24; the most intense tribulation prophecy in the Bible. Wilkerson points out that a OVERCOMING church is in it's midst; "The best of Times; the worst of Times." He is so passionate, that he "Ups" the anointing, as it has dovetailed into visions that he has had, and sorrows coming revealed in earlier revelation to him. In this, he reminds me of a Jeremiah, almost weeping at times, appealing to the church to believe that this; horror of horrors, is really on it's way....."And Church, prepare your hearts to meet your God!" kind of preaching. Very sobering and solid, and I say Amen......A must hear and obey word.....Tom Watkins

Ouch! Very hard hitting... (February 21/2012) comment id: 5384
Reviewed by: JoshG
This is one of the most fiery messages I have ever heard... Repent! Stop playing church!

Very Sharp (November 24/2008) comment id: 3003
Reviewed by: aquarelles
This will get into your bones- if you dare listen to it. Turn it on and be prepared to be arrested.